“provocative with a small p” / Interview by M. Solav

“The Woods” (2021) by Rupert Warren

“Fun with Entropy” / Interview by Paul Rowland

Turquoise Tetris” by Jacob NeweyLower Hutt, New Zealand (2021)

“Botanical Musings” / Interview by Charles David Corbin

“Botanical Sketching” by Jayna Ho/Atlanta, Georgia (2021)

“Inner Worlds” / Interview by Laura Galinier / Translated from French by M. Solav

Untitled” by Patrice Larchevêque.

“Visual Music” / Interview by Paul Rowland

Untitled” by Forties/United Kingdom (2020)

“Floating Garden” / Interview by M. Solav

“Embrace” by Maja Strgar Kurečić/Zagreb, Croatia


New digital magazine that seeks to portray the abstract photography scene and the human-beings behind the pictures in all their depth and diversity.

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