Interview #28: Shar Marie (2022)⁠

“Express the Unexpected” / Interview by Paul Rowland

Milky Way Stardust” (St. Albert, 2021) by Shar Marie.
Gold Rush” (Edmonton, 2021) and “Bumped into an Angel” (St. Albert, 2019) by Shar Marie.
From all Angles” (St. Albert, 2021) by Shar Marie.
Water Wings” (St. Albert, 2021) and “Wrapped” (Palm Springs, 2019) by Shar Marie.
Mysteries of Eternity” (St. Albert, 2019) by Shar Marie.

“What you choose also chooses you.” ―Kamand Kojouri

A picture can tell a thousand words. But words can enhance the image by telling a story or adding a bit of mystery. I love books. I own many and leaf through them or the internet to find a quote that complements my photograph. I find the selection engages others. Perhaps my yoga training or the years in advertising have shaped this vision. I like stories. Some of my followers have expressed that it’s their meditation coming to my page. They are most curious about which comes first, the photo or the quotation. It’s 50/50. I spend time with an image before I find the quote. Other times, I have the passage but await the right image. Still, I hope I bring an inspiring message for the viewer.

Autumn Tears” (St. Albert, 2021) by Shar Marie.

“Sometimes, what is in front of you and what you are seeing isn’t really so. It can, in fact, be quite deceptive.” ―Ella Frank

In our fast-paced world, sometimes you need to take a moment to reflect. Visual language is all around us. Suppose you look at the very first photograph in the world. Taken by Joseph Niéphore Niépce in the 1820s. Niépce’s image was shot from an upstairs window at his estate in France. It was right in front of him. I hope to inspire others to see what is right in front of them. My interview would not be complete without one last quote.

“I don’t ask for the sights in front of me to change, only the depth of my seeing.” —Mary Oliver.

Self-portrait of Shar Marie.
Self-portrait of Shar Marie.
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Additional photographs from Shar Marie curated by Paul Rowland.

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